Yoga Studio

I’m really itching to take my first run in my new neighborhood, but Mother Nature has had other plans for me. For the past 2 days we’ve had a steady light rain. The temperatures have average around 40°. This is just really isn’t running weather for me.
 I think the thing I most appreciate right now about the new house is having a backyard for Nolan. No more walking in the cold rain waiting for him to go to the bathroom!

While I’ve been technically counting moving as workouts (I’ve been a little sore each evening). It was time to do something else.
 I have the yoga studio app on my iPad and I really love it. I can’t remember how much it was to download, but definitely less than $10. After you have the app you can download different yoga sequences. Lately I’ve been using the beginner strength and the beginner flexibility. Each of these workouts are only 15 minutes long. Everything seems to flow well and you have pictures on the screen to guide you.

Nolan likes to make it even harder for me by running into me while I’m in bridge pose and bringing me toys to play with. The The workouts go by quickly but in the end I’m happy I at least did something.
 It looks like there’s only a small chance of rain tomorrow so hopefully I can get my first run in!
 -to everyone who stopped by as part of #SITSblogging, thank you a much! I have been even more motivated to keep working out!
 What are your go to workouts when it’s raining?